About Me

Hello there! I’m Ken Jeter, the driving force behind In The South Media, LLC, where WordPress development and SEO seamlessly come together. With a passion for building exceptional websites and a 30-year career in sales, I’ve honed the perfect blend of creativity and strategy to help businesses thrive online.

From Sales to Pixels: A Journey Unveiled

My journey began in the dynamic world of sales, where I cultivated vital skills in communication, persuasion, and understanding client needs. After three decades of successful sales experience, I realized the immense potential of the digital realm and decided to fuse my enthusiasm for web development with my sales acumen.

A Digital Enthusiast

For over 20 years, I immersed myself in the art and science of web development as a hobby. This deep-seated passion led me to explore the emmence power and capabilities of WordPress, mastering its intricacies and emerging as an advanced WordPress developer. My commitment to excellence drives me to stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in the ever-evolving WordPress ecosystem.

Guided by Google: My Playbook

In crafting and optimizing websites, I follow a clear philosophy: using Google search documentation as my playbook for industry-leading Websites. Understanding the algorithms, guidelines, and strategies set by Google allows me to create websites that not only look appealing and are highly effective, but also rank high in search results.

The Art of WordPress Development

WordPress isn’t just a platform for me—it’s a canvas where I paint digital experiences. I’m at an advanced level of WordPress development, adhering to the best practices and leveraging my skills in theme development to craft unique, professional and user-friendly websites. From custom themes to optimized performance, I ensure that every website I create reflects the essence of the brand and elevates its online presence. At In The South Media, LLC, I’m not just your WordPress developer; I’m your partner in online success. I strive to create websites that not only meet your requirements but exceed your expectations. Let’s embark on this digital journey together and transform your online presence into something extraordinary. Thank you for considering me for your web development and SEO needs. Feel free to reach out, and let’s build something amazing!


I’ve built websites for friends and local non-profits.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Your business can have the same marketing Capabilities as the large corporations, without the massive budget.



WordPress website development. More than 40% of the websites world wide are powered by WordPress. No other website platform even comes close.



PHP is a server side language that performs all of the interactivity of the website to the database. We can add custom functionality to your website.



Javascript is the language that brings your website to life, from interactive forms to dynamic content on your website. We can provide the most advanced technologies to your site.



There are thousands of ready made themes available, free or premium online. We can maintain these themes for you, or build a custom theme with just the right features for your website without the extra bulk of un-needed code.


Full stack

We can maintain your website from the database up. Your website will be optimized for speed and efficiency.



We can maintain your site on your own hosting account, or we can host it for you. Nothing for you to worry about except running your business.



Wether you sell one product or a thousand products, we can add ecommerce functionality to your website. You can also add membership services or appointment booking.