Email Marketing

Email Marketing

87% of top corporations use email marketing to personalize their relationships with their customers, and to grow their business. Upgrade to “On Purpose” email marketing professionally assembled to grow your customer base and increase sales.

Don’t just do email marketing, do it right!

Bootstrap Themes


The world’s most sophisticated email automation platform.

  • Sophisticated automations
  • Social media from one platform
  • Many integrations
  • Powerful

Proven leader in customer growth.

Bootstrap Themes

Mailchimp & Co!

As a certified Mailchimp & Co! memeber, I’m able to manage your MailChimp account for you. See more details by clicking Mailchimp & Co!

  • You own your account
  • We manage all email campaigns
  • Emails written for you
  • We set up and manage automations

Spend more time running your business, We’ll optimize the marketing

Why We Use MailChimp

Over 14 million users and over 175 countries use MailChimp as their email automation. MailChimp has the most extensive educational material available on the subject of email marketing. Continuing education makes me the perfect partner to help grow your business.

Email, Social Media and Digital Ads One Stop Shop
We use the world’s most advanced marketing platforms.

From your online menu, we can market to your customers with email, social media and digital ads for maximum exposure.

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49% increased open rates & 170% increased click rates compared to bulk emails

Don’t just read about it, see for yourself!

You wouldn’t buy a car unless you took it for a test drive. We wouldn’t expect you to use our service unless you know exactly how it works.

While every channel of your marketing is important, email has the highest ROI of all. You’ve got to be consistant and show professionalism with your email marketing campaigns.


Build personal relationships with your customers while you concnetrate on your business.


Emails are based on customer’s actions, so they are always relevent and never spammy.


Emails are professionally written using best practices and always compliant.

Results oriented

Every email has a (CTA) call to action and crafted to get results.

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See exactly what your customers will see.

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Read as many emails in one session as you want by clicking “Next email”. The customer journey will pick up where your left off automatically. If you just read one email, you’ll recieve the next email the following day.

Below is a list of the emails you will recieve for this demo. Your emails will be professionally written for your specific needs.

Please check your junk folder and white list us!

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