Admin Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard Out of the box, WordPress has a few widgets in the dashboard area that are directed to website builders and offers no actual use to a website administrator. A few of the widgets may have some use. Many plugin developers take advantage of the fact that many website builders don’t know how to […]

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Custom Help Tabs

Where Is Your Website Notebook? You know, the one with all of your notes on how to use your website. Get rid of it. WordPress comes out of the box with a help tab with some general information about features of a WordPress website. One of the most under utilized features of WordPress is customizable […]

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Minimal Plugins Too many plugins on your WordPress, eventually is going to create a problem. Many plugins available are just for features that a developer should be able to create easily. Necessary Plugins There are plugins that are completely necessary such as a quality custom form plugin or WooCommerce and many others. I only use […]

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Custom Content Types

Dashboard Menu Before Out of the box, WordPress comes with two main content types. Posts and Pages. This was meant to be a starting point, but winds up being a catch all by many WordPress developers. Content is organized using dozens of categories and tags. Your website usually becomes very convoluted and confusing to keep […]

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Clean Code & Organization

This is directly from the WordPress Developer Guide. Coding Standards Documentation Standards   A lot of emphasis is put on this for the purpose of maintaining your code and extensibility.  With proper coding, you should never outgrow your WordPress website. I adhere strictly to these standards. […]

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