Custom Help Tabs

Where Is Your Website Notebook?

You know, the one with all of your notes on how to use your website.

Get rid of it.

WordPress comes out of the box with a help tab with some general information about features of a WordPress website. One of the most under utilized features of WordPress is customizable help tabs.

Help Tab On Pages Menu

Help tabs are in the top right hand corner of the Dashboard.

General WordPress Help

I can put Help Tabs on every custom content type. No more looking in your notes to see how your website works.

Custom Help Tabs – Ditch the notebook

This is a custom help tab for a custom content type called cards. There are four sub-tabs with explanations of how to use this content type.

2nd Tab

3rd Tab

4th Tab

These help tabs are uniquely created for your website. Now all administrators of your website will quickly know how to keep your website up to date.