Revamp Your Marketing Strategy

About this series – Revamping Your Marketing Strategy.

In this series, we will be discussing how and why you should consider revamping your marketing strategy. If you’re not satisfied with the results of your marketing efforts or you need more results for the money you’re spending, this series of articles is for you.

Why Revamp your marketing strategy

Focus marketing efforts

All marketing works. If you have the marketing budget of a large corporation, then you should be doing every type of marketing available to reach your customers. If you need to make every marketing dollar count, then you need to be more strategic. We’ll show you where to start and what marketing strategies to add as you grow.

Maximize ROI

To maximize ROI, start with one or a few strategies. You must know how well the systems are working and your ROI. Every piece of content should be tracked, analyzed, and A/B tested for constant improvement. When you know the return for every dollar you spend on advertising is an increase in profits, you should add another method to your marketing strategy.

Create the right content

You must create the right content at the right time to maximize your marketing efforts. You’ve heard that you must use social media to get likes on your page and run social media ads. You know SEO is vitally important, and you need to have a well-developed website if you’re in business; you need a blog, email campaigns, and the list goes on and on. This is partially true. However, too many companies need to plan where to start or how to grow their marketing strategy, and a lot of money and time gets wasted.

Here’s the good news. There is an order to this, just like you would build the foundation of a building first and the walls and roof, then the interior last. We’ll walk through the steps of a successful marketing plan revamp.

Knowing the effectiveness of your marketing

You must know the numbers! Can you answer the question: I get X dollars in return for every 1 dollar I spend? You will learn how to use Google analytics and do A/B testing on all advertising channels. We’ll show you how to market on purpose, not just on a wish.

How to revamp your marketing

Where to start

Without a doubt, landing pages is where you need to start! Ask several marketers, and you’ll get lots of different answers. However, every click is a searcher looking for a solution to one question. Make that click count. You must remove all distractions and let the searcher know they have found precisely what they were searching for. We will talk in more depth about landing pages in this series. Start with the end in mind. Website pages are also referred to as landing pages. However, we are explicitly talking about stand-alone landing pages.

What next

The next step is to drive searchers to your landing page. Actually, to all of your landing pages. Having landing pages for every product or service you offer would be best: social media, SEO for organic search results, and mass marketing.

On the landing page

Now that you have their attention, there are four things they will do. Bounce, Buy, visit again later or never return. Even though I discuss branding and brand awareness in their proper order and not currently, every look at your landing page, website, emails, and social media impresses your business in someone’s mind. The next time they land on one of your marketing pieces, they’ll be familiar with you.


Every piece of marketing material will be analyzed regularly. It is vital to the success of your marketing to know how they are performing and how to improve them.

A/B Testing

The only way to improve your marketing regularly is to do A/B testing. Continuously improving your marketing is the method used by top marketing firms and can be used by your business.


A lot of time, money, and knowledge is invested in SEO to maximize organic web searches. It would be best if you put much planning into ensuring your efforts aren’t sending searchers to a dead-end road. We will be going into depth about dedicated and website landing pages in this series.

Who to use to revamp your marketing

If you’re a small business owner may want to start doing this yourself until you see your marketing efforts generating enough revenue to cover your marketing strategy. It can be extremely time-consuming if done correctly, but many small business owners have done this with good results.

A simple Google search will lead you to more digital marketing agencies than you can count, but it may be the best solution if time is scarce. Online marketing is not something you need to dabble in if you want results; it’s a full-time endeavor. We will get into what to look for in a marketing agency.

Prioritize content development

We discussed the various channels for marketing your business, which can be profitable. They can also drain your resources, but a logical growth plan will eventually allow you to use as many marketing avenues as you need without breaking the bank.

Establish your key marketing metrics

  • Have data to support informed decision making
  • Know which channels provide the highest ROI
  • Know how to budget for marketing growth


You can have a highly successful online marketing strategy if you plan wisely, follow your plan and improve your ROI over time. Every business started as a small business. This series about revamping your marketing strategy will walk you step by step through a successful marketing system that will lead your business to maximum growth in months and years to come.