You have to be wherever your customers are looking for you.

Getting Your Business Found

You have to be ubiquitous. Your customers will only look until they find what they are looking for, and then they stop looking. It can be overwhelming to figure out where to market your business, but we’ll look at some extremely important channels to market through.


Google and other search engines have not been replaced by social media, although they have become big contenders. The goal of your website should be to reach high in organic searches.

Another powerful way to get to the top of searches is through paid keyword ad campaigns.

Both of these methods take consistent, proactive research and efforts. This process has to be written into your website structure and content.

Social Media

Facebook by far has the biggest impact on your marketing efforts but Instagram and other social media channels can make a big impact for your business. This is not an area for trial and error, but deserves knowing what works and sticking with a plan.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a way to get customers to take action on one specific want or need. They are a very powerful tool after you find out what customers are actively looking for and then putting that want or need in front of them.

Content Writing

No matter how beautiful, innovative or advanced your website or social media looks, if you can’t get customers to take action, your efforts are almost useless. How fast can customers find the answers they are looking for? Do you have what they are looking for? This is a very important part of your whole business.

Copy Writing

Copy Writing is similar to content writing but refers specifically to ad copy. Does your ad satisfy what the customer is looking for and is there a strong call to action with an easy path to do business with you?


Search engines are continuously trying to figure out if your website or social media marketing are relevant and up to date. Blogging is a powerful way to keep up with keyword searches and relevant information.