Weather you need a new website built from the ground up, or you need someone to troubleshoot and maintain an existing WordPress website, you’re at the right place.

The frontend of a website, or the part that the public sees and interacts with your business from is only half of the website. You have to continuously be updating and keeping your website relevant with your customer’s needs and your business model. If your website becomes irrelevant, then so does your business.

If administration of your website is too time consuming or difficult to navigate, then it probably wont get done often enough.

Below are the main considerations to building or troubleshooting a website. We’ll deal with theming in a separate section.


Having a well laid out plan will save a lot of frustration in the future upkeep of your website. If you need someone to troubleshoot an existing website, then planning is vital, as any changes can be devastating to your site.

One of the biggest considerations in frontend and backend development is how easy the site will be to maintain for the non-technical person.

Code Organization

The site owner or administrator may be a non-technical user and will not be concerned with code organization, however this aspect of development is vital to administration and scaling of a website. Troubleshooting also becomes a colossal task without good organization and documentation of code.

WordPress is flexible enough to allow for a little sloppiness, but following best practices will extend the life and usefulness of your website.

Website Administration

In the right side menu, you’ll see topics that deal a lot with administration. Neglecting the administration part of a website causes a lot of frustration between site owners and developers.


We’ll cover all of the aspects of theming in a separate section but needs to be mentioned here because themes are made by developers.

Plugin Management

Plugins are the part of WordPress that make it a limitless aspect of growing your business. We’ll go in depth about the good and the bad about plugins as well as the necessity of them.

Trouble Shooting

If you have developed problems with your existing WordPress website or it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain or scale, I can help you with that.


There is no limit to how successful you can grow your business, and your WordPress website has the ability to handle the load at any level. Some of the top level brands and even world and state governments have websites built with WordPress. If you think you have come to the end of the life of your websites ability, it’s a developer problem, not a WordPress problem.

I can do consultation with you to see the best plan of action to get you moving forward again.